“Bitcoin buy” interest is 2-year low: Report


Google search report noted that interest of people in buying Bitcoin is now lowest over the last 24 months of time frame.

The current price of Bitcoin is $21,413 and this price is 7.13% high over the 7 days of trade price. But this price is down by around more than 52% over the 24 months of time frame, which is a very bad performance for Bitcoin because the all-time high of Bitcoin was $69k.

"Bitcoin buy" interest is 2-year low: Report 1

On 9 September, leading crypto news website Finbold shared its analysis on the interest of Bitcoin investors, on behalf of online search frequency about Bitcoin based on Google search data records.

The report noted that the “Buy Bitcoin” search keyword by the online users on Google is now very low over the last two years, which is scoring 6 units, which means over the last 24 months of time frame interest is down by around 94%.

However, this “Buy Bitcoin” keyword search frequency is not the same in all the countries & regions. 

In Nigeria, this popularity score for the “Buy Bitcoin” keyword is 100, while it is 33 & 30 in Ghana & Cameroon respectively. 

"Bitcoin buy" interest is 2-year low: Report 2
Regional interest in the ‘buys bitcoin’ keyword. Source: Google Search

Perhaps buying Bitcoin interest in the developed countries is down but the African region showed that they are getting significant fund inflow by the capitalists (VCs). The majority of the VCs are investing in the crypto sector of Africa because they are expecting a better adoption rate of the crypto industry in the less developed region. 

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