Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price doubles in 7 days ahead of Bitcoin Cash halving


The trade price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) surging rapidly amid the crypto bull run and the pump in the trade price of this crypto coin is majorly supported by an incoming halving event.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a forked network coin of the Bitcoin blockchain network. As per available reports, Roger Ver was the main actor behind the forced Bitcoin fork in 2017. Roger faced huge criticism for Bitcoin cash birth but he always maintained that Bitcoin fork was necessary because the Bitcoin network alone couldn’t complete the need for money transactions at low transaction fees.

The current trade price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is $482 & this trade price has been 105% higher over the last 30 days. The trade price of BCH surged more rapidly in the last 7 days.

The main reason behind the high pump in the trade price of BCH over other cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin cash halving. The network of Bitcoin Cash will go through the halving event on 23 March 2024.

The current block reward is 6.25 BCH, and the block reward after halving will be 3.125 BCH.
It is strange to note that the trade price of BCH is pumping but no one crypto influencer is talking about Bitcoin cash halving event.

Here people need to know that the Bitcoin network will go through halving after 48 days, on 20 April. The trade price of Bitcoin already pumped hard in the last few months and here we can expect more pump in the Bitcoin trade price.

The brain behind Bitcoin Cash: Roger ver

However, Roger ver was a popular Bitcoin supporter but still, he manipulated the majority of the Bitcoin miners to go through a fork to split the Bitcoin blockchain network, in 2017.

Roger is known as a big supporter of Bitcoin in the initial phase of Bitcoin adoption.
Recently he shared a Tweet on Bitcoin and informed the Bitcoin community that Bitcoin can be scaled to any level with the help of proper intelligence without affecting the decentralisation nature.

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