Bitcoin is decentralized that why I support: Robert Kiyosaki

The author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” shared the reasons why he supports bitcoin and gold-like assets. 

Robert Kiyosaki is popular in the world because he recreated book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, which is popularly known among all the population of the world, who want to know how money and the money system works and how a wise step can change life easily against all negative financial situations. Robert himself believes in Bitcoin, Gold, Silver-like assets as the best option. 

On 23 March, The Rich Dad Channel, YouTube channel of Robert Kiyosaki, held a podcast with some guests of industry’ crypto experts. 

Robert noted that the biggest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which is struggling around $40,000 is currently a better thing to have to use its benefits. 

Robert pointed out that the majority of the government agencies want huge control on financial assets but here Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies are outside the boundaries of such control of governments. 

“They wanna centralize control everything. So the reason I support Bitcoin, and especially blockchain, as it’s decentralized. It’s people’s money. Gold and silver are God’s money,”

However, at the same time, he asserted that all the people, which are working in support of Bitcoin, whether they are miners or service providers, should comply with the rules and regulations. 

Kiyosaki against Inflation 

Robert Kiyosaki always remains aware of the financial shake in the world, especially the US dollar. He knows very well that the US dollar has lost 86% of its value in the last 50 years because of inflation. 

Robert believes that the US dollar can’t save us against such inflation, instead, we need to have Gold, Bitcoin-like assets. He admitted that he is holding millions of worth of such assets. 

“I have millions of dollars of gold, silver, and Bitcoin. We don’t save dollars. That’s the macro picture.”

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