Bitcoin Miners May Face Major Semiconductor Shortage because of surge in chip price

Chip producer companies are planning to increase the price of semiconductor chips. According to these companies Covid-19 is a big issue for this surge. 

Malaysia is a hub of semiconductor chip companies because of the favourable situation in the production of semiconductor chips. But due to Covid-19 pandemic situation, they are facing a huge problem to produce more chips. Their unit production declined by a big number. 

So the major chip producer companies of Malaysia like STMicroelectronics Nvamong, NXP Semiconductors NV, and Infineon Technologies AG operate chip plants that will increase the price because of shortage in production & high demand.

But one thing should be noted here, that the companies of Taiwan are also planning to increase the price of chips by 20%. There are even 0 cases of Covid-19 pandemic diseases. 

As per report, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) could possibly increase the price of wafers by around 20%.

In the present time use of such chips are in big use in the industry of Smartphones, computers, cars, and bitcoin miners . So probably this will not only result in a big problem for the mining industry but also other tech industries. 

It is expected that the surge in the price of chips will impact the whole chip consumer industry in the mid of November 2021. And it will result into high cost for chips like (SoCs), CPUs, GPUs, ASICs, and controllers. These chips are already high cost chips and also these are general chips used in the crypto mining hardwares.

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