Bitcoin mining going to save the world, says Kevin O’Leary


Shark tank star Kevin O’Leary says bitcoin is going to save the world with mining operations’ choice of renewable & green sources of energy.

Kevin O’Leary is a Shark Tank star and also a popular TV celebrity. Kevin is also popularly known as Mr. Wonderful. He is a businessman and billionaire, who keeps researching crypto projects and crypto assets to invest instead to follow hypes blindly.

At the Miami Bitcoin 2022 conference, which was held on the last day, Kevin O’Leary passed comments in favour of Bitcoin against the questions on Bitcoin mining & its environmental impacts because of carbon emission. Shark tank star said that “bitcoin mining is going to save the world.”

Kevin noted that the surging demands of the geothermal and nuclear power-based renewal sources of energy are forcing the world toward the adoption of clean energy with the adoption of innovations. 

According to Kevin, Bitcoin miners should choose green or renewable sources of energy because bitcoin mining operations can’t sustain future with traditional sources of energy to fight against carbon emission issues. 

Kevin also dragged on the matter of the crypto regulation framework in his keynote speech. According to him, huge amounts of funds are waiting for regulatory approval and clarity on the crypto assets. If the regulation system will be clear then in that situation people will feel confident to invest funds in Crypto.

“When we get a policy, and the regulator regulates, that’s not a negative thing. The spigot of capital is going to flood into the sector as you’ve never seen. Those of you that can invest now, you are getting ahead of what’s going to be a huge wave of interest.”

Further, Kevin said that crypto regulation systems are coming to this industry and if his predictions are right then surely in the future the crypto industry will be the biggest money Market-based economy in the US. 

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