Bitcoin proponents  teach 12-year-olds to use Bitcoin in El Salvador


Roman Martínez is doing his best to push Bitcoin education among early-age school students in the Bitcoin bull country El Salvador.

El Salvador is a Central American country. In Sep 2021, El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as a legal currency under the presidency of Nayib Bukele. Bukele brought several changes in the country to attract tourists and succeed. 

El Zonte is a town in La Libertad Department in El Salvador. This place is a popular tourist destination. Since a couple of years ago, this place has been known as “Bitcoin Beach”. 

Roman Martínez is the main leader behind the Bitcoin Beach idea & Bitcoin community in this Bitcoin bull country. At the present time, he visits school every Friday to teach early-age students to use a Bitcoin wallet to receive sats (a single unit of Bitcoin). 

In an interview with popular crypto news media Cointelegraph, Roman said that it is better to educate people about Bitcoin at an early age because it helps them to easily understand how Bitcoin can be used in several financial technology advancements & also to achieve financial dream goals.

Furthermore, Roman thinks that people failed to get important knowledge about money and this is a big problem because people work only for money but no one provides education.

El Salvador Bitcoin Bond 

In 2021, the El Salvador government brought the concept of a Bitcoin Bond to allow citizens to invest in Bitcoin via the bond system.

On 11 Jan 2023, the country brought its Bitcoin Bond to allow people to invest their money in the government-issued bond, to contribute to the country’s Bitcoin focussed initiatives.

Just a day ago, Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that El Salvador’s bond is 70% high year to date and this is showing that people are confidentially buying Bitcoin Bond. 

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