Bitexen exchange adds support for Shiba Inu


The Turkish-based popular crypto exchange added support for popular Dogecoin rival Shiba in the token. 

Shiba Inu is a popular meme coin. After Dogecoin, Shiba is a highly popular meme coin. At present, the Shiba Inu token is standing at 15th rank. The main origin use case of this coin is nothing but its project team is trying to bring huge numbers of use cases, so that it can stand in the crypto space as a flagship asset. 

On 1 February, Bitexen, a Turkey-based popular crypto exchange, announced to add six new crypto assets including the Shiba Inu token on the exchange to enable the users to trade the trendy coins easily. 

Bitexen exchange currently offers better crypto trading services with the ability of more than 100 crypto assets. 

Shiba Inu token getting exchange and Whales support 

The current trading price of the Shiba Inu token is $0.0000216 and this price is at 0.7% up over 24 hours, while it is down by 36.18% low over 30 days. 

In the last year, almost every crypto exchange listed Shiba token like India exchange Giottus, Korean exchange Bitso, Bitpay. Even Coinbase, Binance exchanges added in the initial phases of the trend. 

In 2021, many whales purchased huge amounts of Shiba Inu tokens. And also in the present time, many Whales are buying Shiba. 

On 2 February, a whale purchased around 1,039,870 USD worth of Shiba Inu tokens in single transaction.

Besides such buy support, the the team behind the Shiba Inu token is working at their best to do new development works related to shiba in the project. Recently the team hinted that they are working on the Shiberse, Shiba Inu in Metaverse. 

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