Bitfinex removed 87 trading pairs from its exchange platform


Due to low levels of liquidity, the Bitfinex had to delist the 87 trading pairs from its exchange trading platform, reported on 20 March 2020.

 Its response will boost liquidity on Bitfinex, enhance the trading experience for the users and strengthen progress.

 From 26/03/20 10:00 AM UTC, the below-listed trading pair will be stopped.

The following tokens to both Bitcoin and Ethereum: Dether (DTH/BTC), (DTH/ETH); DATA (DTA/BTC), (DTA/ETH); Bancor (BNT/BTC), (BNT/ETH); SingularityNET (AGI/BTC), (AGI/ETH); Request (REQ/BTC), (REQ/ETH); WePower (WPR/BTC), (WPR/ETH); UTRUST (UTK/BTC), (UTK/ETH); SingularDTV (SNG/BTC), (SNG/ETH); Ripio Credit Network (RCN/BTC), (RCN/ETH); Polymath (POY/BTC), (POY/ETH); Raiden Network (RDN/BTC), (RDN/ETH); Storj (STJ/BTC), (STJ/ETH); QASH (QSH/BTC), (QSH/ETH); Zillinqa (ZIL/BTC), (ZIL/ETH); SpankChain (SPK/BTC), (SPK/ETH); WAX (WAX/BTC), (WAX/ETH); 0chain (ZCN/BTC), (ZCN/ETH); Aventus (AVT/BTC), (AVT/BTC).

The following tokens to Ethereum only: Dragonchain (DRN/ETH), Monolith (TKN/ETH), Essentia (ESS/ETH), Hydro Protocol (HOT/ETH), Content Neutrality Network (CNN/ETH), MobileGO (MGO/ETH), Melon (MLN/ETH), Rate3 (RTE/ETH), YOYOW (YYW/ETH), POA Network (POA/ETH), Waltonchain (WTC/ETH), ABYSS (ABS/ETH), Medicalchain (MTN/ETH), CommerceBlock (CBT/ETH), Sentient Coin (SEN/ETH), iExec (RLC/ETH), Ether Kingdoms Token (IMP/ETH), ORS Group (ORS/ETH), Enjin Coin (ENJ/ETH), Internet Node Token (INT/ETH), AirSwap (AST/ETH), Edge (DADI/ETH), Xriba (XRA/ETH), VeChain (VET/ETH), Loopring (LRC/ETH), Aion (AIO/ETH), BLOCKv (VEE/ETH), , Kyber Network (KNC/ETH), Swarm (SWM/ETH), Gnosis (GNO/ETH), Decentraland (MANA/ETH), Qtum (QTM/ETH), Upfiring (UFR/ETH).

The following tokens to Bitcoin only: Cortex (CTX/BTC), Fusion (FSN/BTC), Mithril (MITH/BTC), Aelf (ELF/BTC), Seer (SEE/BTC), Project Pai (PAI/BTC), Cindicator (CND/BTC), Recovery Right Token (RRT/BTC), Auctus (AUC/BTC), FunFair (FUN/BTC).

The following tokens to Tether: Gatechain Token (GTX/USDT), ZB Token (ZB/USDT), Dragon Token (DT/USDT).

The following token to Euro: Verge (XVG/EUR).

The following token to Pound Sterling: Verge (XVG/GBP).

The following token to Verge: Wollo (WLO/XLM).

Take into consideration that the above tokens are properly listed and are available for trading on Bitfinex.

We would like to remind our users to cancel any open orders with the above trading pairs By 26/03/20 Thursday the users should cancel the further orders related to trading pairs. The system will close other continuing open orders.