Bitfury CEO says bitcoin and then there’s everything else

The CEO of bitfury shared his stance and claimed that Bitcoin will face some better correction because of the Federal Reserve hike in interest. 

In 2022, Bitcoin and crypto market faced a significant correction because of the panic that took birth because of the decision of the Federal Reserve to increase the interest rate. However, the majority of the experts believe that Bitcoin will face huge more corrections in the incoming weeks. But there are few experts of Bitcoin believers who don’t think the same in the long term.

Brian Brooks, CEO of Bitfury, appeared in an interview with CNBC. In The interview, Brian shared his bullish belief in Bitcoin. 

At the very beginning of the interview phase, Brian predicted that Bitcoin will face a negative impact because of the Federal Reserve decision but it will remain in the short term only. 

Brian stated: 

“Some things are going on short-term that are a little bit negative for Bitcoin, but only short-term.”

Besides this prediction of Bitfury CEO, BitBank executive Yuga Hasegawa also shared his stance on the price of Bitcoin. According to Yuga, Fed will release the actual inflation in the US economy during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to him, after the release of the actual inflation report, the Bitcoin price may face a correction. 

When Brian was questioned, whether there will be any relationship between Web3 and Bitcoin price. Then Brain tried to say that Bitcoin will remain at the top separately, without the influence of other things. 

Brian said:

“There’s bitcoin, and then there’s everything else.”

Biran also noted that the price of Bitcoin and mining of Bitcoin, both of these two things are related. And it is all about the hash rate, that explains how much share a miner is owning. 

“The profitability of bitcoin mining is only partly-related to bitcoin price. It’s about the hash rate and who can grab the most market share.”

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