Bitmex Twitter Hacked User Funds are Safe

The leading cryptocurrency futures exchange Bitmex twitter exchange is hacked. Earlier today Bitmex expose thousands of user’s email details in public because they forgot to put the emails in Blind carbon copy (BCC).

Bitmex Twitter Hacked

Hackers get access to Bitmex official account and posted two tweets that were deleted instantly by the Bitmex team. The first tweet was “Take your BTC and run. Last day for withdrawals” followed by the second simple tweet “Hacked”.

bitmex twitter hacked

Bitmex officially replied that all user funds are safe and there is no need to panic. The tweet added:

“We would like to reassure our users that while the trolls may target our Twitter account, you may rest assured that all funds are safe.”

Earlier today Bitmex accidentally leaked thousands of user’s email in a newsletter. Bitmex forgot to put the email in Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) and the emails are in Carbon Copy (CC) and visible to everyone.

A batch of 30,000 emails is put on the dark web for sale. The Block’s director Larry Cermak posted on twitter that 50% of the emails are trivially easy to doxx. He further explained that more than 50% of internet users use common passwords that include their first name, last name, date of birth or organisation name.

Bitmex has suspended withdrawals for user’s that changed passwords and two-factor authentication after the email leaks.

Bitmex uses the cold wallet for Bitcoin storage and only gives withdrawals at 5:30 UTC daily. Cold wallets have the highest safety and can only be hacked when the wallet is connected to the Internet.

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