BlackRock boss says “Bitcoin is an international asset”


Larry Fink shared his opinion ahead of BlackRock’s Bitcoin spot ETF application approval and passed bullish remarks on Bitcoin.

Blackrock is a US-based global investment firm. Nearly 35 years ago, this firm was founded as an enterprise risk management and fixed-income institutional asset manager & now to this date this firm has the largest assets under management. In June of this year, the company applied with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to get approval for its Bitcoin spot ETF product.

On 5 July, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink appeared in an interview with Fox Business. In the interview, Fink said that Bitcoin could democratize finance & an ETF can link Bitcoin more easily. 

BlackRock CEO said that Bitcoin is not backed by only one fiat currency. Indirectly he said that Bitcoin is backed by currencies of several countries and further he called Bitcoin an international asset.

“Let’s be clear: Bitcoin is an international asset,” said Fink. “It’s not based on any one currency, and so it can represent an asset that people can play as an alternative.”

Michael Saylor, the founder & former CEO of the Bitcoin-bullish business intelligence firm MicroStrategy, also supported the BlackRock CEO’s statement via their Twitter handle. 

Just a couple of days ago we reported that BlackRock refiled a document with the SEC on behalf of Nasdaq to ensure that its Bitcoin spot ETF will remain always under the surveillance of the Nasdaq & Coinbase exchange. 

In the present time, the majority of the Bitcoin focussed discussions are wandering around “BlackRock’s Bitcoin spot ETF application”. On one hand, some people think that the SEC body will reject the application, while some insiders claim that the SEC agency will give a green signal to its application.

Nearly half a dozen Bitcoin spot ETF applications are waiting to get approval from the SEC body.

Recently Bias Knox, an expert on ETFs and crypto regulation, claimed that the SEC agency will hold a meeting with all those companies, which filed a Bitcoin spot ETF application.

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