BlackRock has no plans to acquire Voyager Digital: Scam Alert 


Some people are trying to mislead people & make huge profits via the easy pump technique with VGX token.

Voyager Digital was a popular digital assets brokerage company. In May of last year, the whole crypto market faced huge volatility because of the downfall of the Terra (Luna) crypto project. In July of the same year, following that critical situation, Voyager Digital estimated the holding assets sale would allow customers to recover 73% of the value of their deposits, so they finally filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 code.

On 9 Sep 2023,  A press release came to the public domain and confirmed that BlackRock is going to acquire bankrupt crypto platform Voyager Digital.

Chinese crypto blogger Colin Wu reported that the news was paid as well as fake. In short, someone is trying to manipulate the trade price of Voyager Token (VGX), for personal benefits.

Following this fake news, the trade price of VGX token surged by 15.81% within the last 2-3 days. 

BlackRock has no plans to acquire Voyager Digital: Scam Alert  1

Here we request every reader of this article to share this information with all the friends belonging to the crypto industry to bring awareness against this scam. 

Voyager bankruptcy, FTX, & BinanceUS 

Following the bankruptcy of the Voyager Digital, the FTX crypto exchange showed interest in the Voyager Digital platform and also won the bid to acquire but before the final acquisition, FTX exchange itself went bankrupt & filed for bankruptcy under chapter 11 code in a US bankruptcy court.

Later the BinanceUS exchange decided to acquire the Voyager platform but in April of this year the BinanceUS officials decided not to acquire this bankrupt platform because of the unclear crypto regulatory environment in the US jurisdiction.

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