Blockchain courses surging rapidly in India: Report


Many educational institutions jumped in the trend of crypto & blockchain to provide certification in Crypto & blockchain expertise. 

India is a technology-friendly region in the world. However, citizens of India are in favour of crypto adoption but the government of India is not showing clear intention toward crypto. However, despite huge uncertainty on the regulation of the crypto industry, the Finance Ministry introduced its crypto tax bill to impose a 30% tax on each crypto investment profit and also introduced a bill to allow the Reserve Bank of India to work on its blockchain technology-based digital Rupee. 

On 10 March, the Times of India published a report and noted that the majority of the educational institutions are jumping in the blockchain industry adoption trend to provide advanced certification programs in software engineering for blockchain, cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT), elective courses on Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and even free short online courses on blockchain basics.

These things are showing that India is highly adaptive to this blockchain technology besides the adoption of crypto. So education institutions are also understanding the role of crypto & blockchain education so that people can get respective jobs in the crypto Industry.

In the present time, more than 11,000 jobs are waiting to hire crypto & blockchain talents only on the Linkedin platform from Indian locations. 

The majority of these jobs are asking for those talents who have expertise in blockchain analysts, blockchain architects, blockchain remote trainers, and other professionals. 

Finance minister on crypto regulation 

Recently during a global event forum, Indian finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman answered the question of crypto adoption in India.

Hon’ble Nirmala Sitharaman said that Indian citizens see a future in crypto and the finance ministry sees a future in this industry to generate revenue. 

However, the minister denied pass a statement on crypto regulation/ban but hinted that Indian government agencies will force this industry to make money and also will try to force the citizens to remain away from the industry.

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