Blueprint Capital says Don’t ignore crypto as an asset class

The CEO of Blueprint Capital shared his stance on the crypto industry and admitted that he is very constructive on crypto. 

Jacob Walthour is Chief Executive Officer of Seattle-based Blueprint Capital company. This company has its hands in the investment in real estate and land property. 

Jacob Walthour appeared in an interview with the Squawk Box show on CNBC. In the interview, Jacob shared his thoughts on the crypto industry and explained how it can be beneficial. 

Jacob figured out a scenario, where many factors may act as catalyzes to flow the money in this industry.  

Jacob admitted that the crypto industry is fully creative and he also believes that it will be a mistake to consider the crypto industry as a bundle of assets. 

Current statements and views by Jacob are contrary to his past thinking about the crypto industry, where he didn’t consider Bitcoin and the crypto industry as a valuable thing of this financial ecosystem.

Jacob said that in the last 12 years many things have changed and also retail traders accepting Bitcoin assets. And also retail businesses are accepting Bitcoin assets. In particular, he took the name of Starbucks, AT&T, and PayPal, which started to accept Bitcoin payment.

Besides all these things, Jacob reminded that the situation is now much improved and better for the crypto traders because there are multiple crypto services available. Around more than 200 crypto exchanges are available, which are giving their crypto services globally. 

Blueprint Capital CEO also explained that the crypto industry evolved with the cash market concept. He said that some creative people introduced the idea to facilitate the payments with checks & plastic cards. 

Jacob also predicted that in the next 5 to 10 years, we will see crypto payment use cases globally in our daily life as a normal payment system. 

Jacob also noted that if we see the stall in the equity market then we will find that the Crypto industry has much better positive sides. And this is the situation, where the Crypto industry will see a huge liquidity inflow. 

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