BSV president requests Meta to keep data for its metaverse project decentralized blockchain


President of the BSV Association Jimmy Nguyen thinks that Meta will soon adopt a policy wherein it will not store the data on its servers.

Although Meta has still not launched its Metaverse project, the president of the Bitcoin SV (BSV) Association Jimmy Nguyen, believes that storing user data in a public blockchain is rather a good idea for the company.

In an interview Nguyen suggested that the global, interoperable metaverse ecosystem means that the personal data is stored in the public blockchain, Nguyen further noted that in case Meta applies this method, it will turn into an interface that will be connecting the blockchain to the companies metaverse apps. This will further allow other metaverses to access user data after that user gives their consent.

BSV President says:

“Hope Meta/Facebook will take the process of creating metaverse where they will just build the environment, but also will not store your identity and data on their own servers.”

Additionally, Nguyen stressed the need for a scalable blockchain capable of handling large amounts of transactions and data and that according to Nguyen, the BSV blockchain can achieve that.

Successful metaverse requires a lot of data. That’s the reason why metaverse projects can benefit from large-scale integration with blockchain, data capacity, and low fees.

For this reason, Nguyen shares its belief that BSV plays a role in blockchain metaverse in terms of payments and as the primary ledger for all data files required for projects that want to build their metaverses.

Speaking at a discussion at the World Economic Forum (WEF), a Lego Group executive said that the metaverse should be developed while keeping children’s perspectives in mind. Vice president of the company Edward Lewin, said that since children are the future users of the metaverse we are building, people should also focus on “building the metaverse from a child’s perspective”.

At the same time, a recent survey for the WEF found that developing countries are more interested in metaverse than developed countries. Of the 21,000 adults surveyed in 29 countries, those from high-income countries showed little interest in metaverse compared to the others.

Interestingly, Meta (formerly Facebook) introduced the Metaverse concept in the initial phases in Q4 2021 but Meta itself is lagging behind the race of Metaverse project development. However here we can’t say with huge surety but here updates are hinting slow development works, or may be company is preparing itself in the backend to fight against the legal issues associated with crypto use cases in Metaverse.

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