Building a cryptocurrency to raise revenue for digital content creators with

Digital content creators deserve a platform that allows them to join the crypto movement without too many complications. A platform built upon tools that facilitate its use and assimilation for those who don’t have much experience yet. This is the sense that motivates, a place for creators, traders, and token holders, made to boost the organic growth of a project from scratch. 

MintMe allows people from any place in the world to create a cryptocurrency that can help them to market their abilities, talents, and services securely and without the need for the dominion or intervention of a third party. The value of a token and its strength relies on the value the project brings to the community. 

As a trading platform MintMe offers promotional space for innovative projects and ideas, since the entire community of traders can have access to an introductory page and trading list to learn about the potential of the tokens offered and invest in them with the hope of earning something in the future, this is like investing in people as if they were stocks. 

MintMe is designed for anyone to start in the crypto world by creating their first token in the Mintme network as well as transferring them to other networks, this is known as “Deployment”. Also, companies/organizations and creators that already have a token in a different network such as Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain, can list their token on the platform, and earn more credibility. This can expand the possibilities for trading and collaboration for everyone. 

Token creators and holders

One of the most exciting features about MintMe is that along with the creation of tokens for digital creators it offers the possibility for contributors and fans to profit from the success of the token they choose to support. Investors can make donations to their favorite content creators, supporting and empowering them to continue contributing to their community, while holding the chance to profit with the different tokens they acquire. 

MintMe’s philosophy consists in the integration of several investment funds, it is well known that every Token, NFT, or Cryptocurrency is considered an investment fund since for better or worse these financial assets generate market fluctuations, which implies business and investment opportunities. 

Building a cryptocurrency to raise revenue for digital content creators with 1

A paradise for content creators and artists

Even if someone doesn’t know how to build a coin, MintMe makes it easy for them through a simple registration process and steps to create, customize and configure a creator profile without the need for code. Token creators can also share exclusive content for their token holders and start airdrop campaigns to encourage their followers with rewards. 

The dream for any digital creator is to be able to promote, share, trade, and crowdfund in just one place, becoming the authors of their own financial success. Tokenization can allow people to finally receive direct support from their followers without having to pay expensive fees or getting blocked by intense bureaucracy. 

In Mintme great investors, content creators, traders, and companies with consolidated tokens coexist in one place with equal opportunities. If you want to get into the crypto world, publicize your project and get a method to monetize yourself and offer crypto options to your customers or followers Mintme may be the place you are looking for.