Cardano founder believes in Layer 2 solution for every system

Charles Hoskinson shared his stance on the need for a layer 2 scaling solution and asserted that they will get a free roll-up with Mamba with better alternatives.

Cardano is the third biggest crypto asset of the crypto space and it is known as Ethereum rival. However, the Solana project is trying to take the place of the Cardano project but still, Cardano is holding its position strongly with better development works. 

In the latest, Charles Hoskinson- founder of the Cardano project- appeared in the AskMeAnything session and shared about the development works on the Cardano blockchain network. 

First of all, Charles said that the Layer 2 Scalability solution is a better option for every system of the crypto project because it can facilitate crypto transactions at very high speed with reduced gas fees, which is a need in most of the flagship crypto blockchain network like Ethereum, Bitcoin. Charles said that these Layer 2 scaling solutions are getting better and more improved over year by year. And further continues 

“We’ll get rollups for free with Mamba, So when the EVM sidechain comes those roll-up infrastructures can and will be rolled over as a scalability solution for the EVM Sidechain.”

According to Charles, the development of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) sidechain will push the potential of the Cardano network to the next level to handle the Defi ecosystem. But still, a question will remain there about the potential of mainchain, on this Charles said: 

“several DEXs are gonna move in that particular direction. So it’s something there, it’s a buy instead of the build because there’s already a lot of great solutions that port it to L2(s). We’ll get them on the Ethereum side first, but certainly, it’s going to be fun to port some of those to the UTXO model.”

So here, the Cardano project is trying to bring those initiatives of the blockchain technology in use, which can be used for the better scalability solution over the layers-2 integration. 

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