Cardano founder decides not to join world’s biggest fintech event


Charles Hoskinson rejected the Web Summit invitation, following the controversial statement by Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrave regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Charles Hoskinson is CEO of Input Output Hong Kong Global (IOHK), a developer firm behind the Cardano blockchain. Hoskinson founded the Cardano project in 2017 officially, after leaving the Ethereum crypto project in 2014. Cardano project is not backed by any Venture capital (VCs), so Cardano fails to grab media attention, as the majority of the media networks are backed by the VCs. 

On 20 Oct 2023, Charles Hoskinson announced through his X (formerly Twitter) account that he got an invitation to appear in “Web Summit” for 45 minutes to represent the crypto industry but he decided not to go there. 

Hoskinson confirmed that he was willing to go there & planned to share his thoughts on synthetic biology through a fireside chat but now he is not in the mood to go there, as Paddy Cosgrave, the founder of this web summit, passed political & controversial comments on the Israel-Hamas war.

The Cardano founder said that he doesn’t like war & he wants to see & attend those conferences which talk about future innovations, instead of war-like things.

This event was primed to be a grand gathering of over 70,000 attendees but now facing a mass exodus, thanks to Paddy’s controversial statement.

Here it is interesting to see that the Cardano founder was able to represent the Cardano blockchain at that big event but still he refused to go there. Last year he got 20 minutes to defend cryptocurrencies & appreciate the potential of blockchain technology.

In the last year, the majority of the people asked why Hoskinson got very little time to talk about Crypto. Some people alleged that Cardano faced VC’s political exploitation.

Ada price action

Ada is the native token of the Cardano blockchain & the current trade price of ADA Token is $0.25 & this trade price is 2.7% higher over the last 7 days of trade price. 

Cardano founder decides not to join world's biggest fintech event 1

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