Cardano founder loves’ the 2022 roadmap for Cardano’s ‘living, growing ecosystem’

Charles Hoskinson shared his stance on the roadmap of the Cardano project for next year. 

Cardano is the third biggest crypto asset of the crypto market and it is popularly known for its potential of security and ability to handle transactions over other blockchain networks. Last month, Cardano hitted 2 million ADA wallet users. 

In the latest blog, Charles Hoskinson- founder of the Cardano project- shared his excitement about the future development in the Cardano’ ecosystem. Charles stated 

“I’m loving how the roadmap for 2022 Cardano is coming together. It’s a living ecosystem, growing, refining, adapting, and becoming stronger.”

Through the blog post, the developer team behind Cardano asserted that they are moving toward the optimization of Cardano’s blockchain by introducing potential to the core of capability and correctness. Tim Harrison from Input Output Hong Kong Global stated: 

“As the network grows and Cardano functions at a higher capacity, we will be adjusting the parameterization to keep up with network demand.”

Large traffic, Cardano’ solution 

The development work in the Cardano network by the company IOHK behind the Cardano project is mainly focused on the “more efficient and high traffic system”. They aimed to bring a better ecosystem for the NFTs. 

“In the short term, we’ll be able to ease NFT drop congestion by more evenly spreading the stake distribution and reward distribution computation. “

However many developers are working in this sector for the NFTs Drop, but all over it will reduce the cost of transactions. 

Further IOHK Global team said the designation of the network will be ‘highly resilient even under heavy saturation’. And this initiative will help to reduce congestion’ period that lasts for less than one hour.

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