Cardano founder raises question on critics

The founder of the popular crypto project Cardano shared his point of view on the crypto industry in 2022. 

Cardano is a popular crypto project in the crypto space and this project is known for its potential to handle transactions without any issues and limitations. And also developers in the Cardano project are doing their best to improve & introduce high efficiency so that the Cardano blockchain network can easily handle huge volumes of transactions in the future, without facing any kind of issues. 

On 1 January 2022, Charles Hoskinson- CEO and founder of Cardano & IOHK- appeared in a video on the YouTube channel. Through the video, Charles shared his thoughts on the growth of the crypto industry in 2022 and also shared his thoughts on the criticism that Cardano faced in 2021 despite the huge success and systematic progress.

In the very starting, Charles said that 2022 may not follow the similar trend of growth as it grabbed in 2021. He stated:

“It’s hard to argue with the $2.5 trillion industry and imagine where that’s going to go. I think we’re just going to digest as an industry the consequences for better or worse of becoming so big so quickly.”

By taking the reference of the loss of $10.5 billion in the Defi industry in Silicon Valley’s “bizarre mantra of move fast and break things” in crypto, Charles noted that Cardano wants to go slowly to achieve success.

“That’s why VCs don’t even actually understand that Cardano has a community. They think it’s just me behind a microphone.”

Charles also asserted that the community of Cardano is moving slowly toward a very high decentralized nature like Linux operating system. And in this, DApps created by the Cardano community members will help a lot. 

“They (the developers) should also commit to putting at least one of their developers to contributing to the Cardano protocol.”

Further Charles took the reference of those critics, who are criticizing Cardano through YouTube, podcast, and via another medium. He said that we’re number one for GitHub commits. 

Charles directly put a question for those critics, which are raising voices against the Cardano project. Charles asked that tell him that what the Cardano developer team didn’t done perfectly to follow the roadmap. 

“If you’re such an expert that you’re going to opine on the quality of our comments then tell us which ones are wrong, which ones don’t mean anything, and what parts of the roadmap we’re failing at dramatically.”

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