Cardano founder says nation-states will adopt Cardano (ADA) within 5-10 years


Charles Hoskinson talked about the future adoption of the Cardano blockchain in the world, as a top choice in the national digital identity tools & financial systems.

Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano blockchain. Hoskinson was one of the co-founders of the Ethereum blockchain but he left the project because he disagreed with other leaders in the Ethereum project over future plannings. Later, Hoskinson launched Cardano in 2017. ADA is a native coin on the Cardano Blockchain. This coin is trading in the top 5 crypto assets list of the crypto sector.

Recently Charles Hoskinson appeared in a new video podcast, where he compared the current situation of the crypto & blockchain sector with the future. 

Hoskinson said that he can see the path of the Cardano blockchain adoption, where Cardano will play an important role in the national identity system and also in the payment systems under the principles. 

“I can see a path within five to 10 years that you can run a nation-state on technology like Cardano…(…)… I can see a path where Cardano could be used to run a national identity system with principles. Or a payment system with principles. Or a CBDC,” Hoskinson said.

Further, in this favourable situation, Hoskinson noted that Cardano will alone provide a very good outcome for the world because of its decentralised brain, ecosystem & better community.

On the current crypto growth challenges, Hoskinson noted that the situation is really bad because crypto-haters are looking at this innovative sector as a Ponzi scheme and they are treating this sector as a problem for the environment & centralized governance system.

In the past, it has been seen many times that the Cardano founder focussed mainly on the development of the Cardano ecosystem under a high compliance environment. Around a month ago, Hoskinson proposed KYC enabled a centralised method for the people to participate in the Cardano staking model. 

For the same, Hoskinson faced huge criticism from the crypto community but he said that it will not impact the Cardano staking model & the potential of this blockchain network & further will help to remain in full compliance in any jurisdiction to easily survive against enforcement actions.

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