Cardano founder says you’ll be able to use Hydra in microtransactions


Charles Hoskinson shared about the upcoming development works that will get completed in 2022.

Cardano is the 5 biggest crypto blockchain network and its native token is standing at 7th rank by market cap. The developer team behind the Cardano Blockchain network is continuously doing experiments in the Cardano Blockchain network to bring high scale and high efficient networks in the crypto industry so that real use cases of crypto and blockchain technology can be brought into reality. 

Recently Charles Hoskinson, Cardano founder, appeared in an interview. Charles said that all the work to bring efficiency in the blockchain transactions with Layer2 scaling is almost done. 

Charles stated: 

“I think everything will get done that I outlined – the sidechains, the pipelining, the import endorsers, the library optimization, Hydra and Mithril.”

In particular, on Hydra, Charles said that more things are remaining to be done on Hydra. But still, people will be able to facilitate mini transactions on hydra. 

“There are degrees and flavors like there’ll be more Hydra stuff to do, but at least you’ll be able to use Hydra for something like microtransactions.”

Further, Charles noted that new development work this year will create all the sufficient elements that are needed to compete against the high-level smart Contract blockchain networks. 

Charles also asserted that new development works will allow the developers to do engineering to increase the efficiency of the blockchain network, every time.

“You can always optimize pipelining and do more in those heartbeats and the same for input endorsers – there are always ways to optimize that”

Cardano founder noted that there is currently bigger competition are Solana blockchain networks but here Cardano blockchain will provide better results with high decentralization. 

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