Cardano founder shows his pet Nike’s house, $Nike token pumps sharply 


It seems Charles Hoskinson is now more supportive of the $Nike token, as money inflow in the $Nike token is surging rapidly day by day. 

$Nike token is a Cardano blockchain network-based meme crypto token. Nearly 10 days ago, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson shared a picture of his pet animal pig named Nike. A crypto enthusiast launched a $Nike token inspired by Hoskinson’s pet animal and also this token grabbed huge attention among the Crypto investors.

The current trade price of this meme token is $0.0164 & this trade price is 66000% higher over the last 7 days. In the last 1 hour, the trade price of this token surged 27%.

The sudden increment in the trade price of this meme token was observed because of the live discussion around the $Nike token among crypto enthusiasts, in which Cardano founder Hoskinson also shared his thoughts.

Also 10 hours back, Hoskinson shared a video clip via his X (formerly Twitter) account and showed the home structure in which his pet animal Nike lives.

All these activities by Cardano founder around Nike, show that he is now in full support of this crypto meme token.

Here people need to understand that Hoskinson is not a fan of meme tokens, as such projects don’t have any specific goal, contrary to the flagship crypto projects which always work in specific directions or to solve multiple practical problems via using blockchain technology.

A couple of days ago, Hoskinson indirectly suggested $Nike token launchers to set some specific goals for this meme project, so that he can show his support.

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