Cardano’ IOHK says we have many exciting incoming months, FUDs too


Cardano blockchain successfully launched a new Cardano core version and explained how they will work in the upcoming months on new development activities. 

Cardano is a 7th ranked crypto project in this crypto industry. This project is known for its high-speed blockchain transactions. However current market competition in this crypto industry is still at another level, where people are no longer considering Cardano blockchain Networks as rivals of Ethereum blockchain. 

The native token of the Cardano blockchain is ADA coin. The current price of the ADA coin is $1.17 and it is 13.2% lower than last week. And if we compare this price of ADA with the last three months, then it is 43% low. 

Due to its failure to remain attached to its all-time high, people keep criticizing this crypto project but the developer team behind this project doesn’t care and keeps working on the development works to make this project better in terms of transactions and speed. 

To boost the Scalability and efficiency of the network, the developer team Input-output Hong Kong global (IOHK) successfully released Cardano node 1.33.0 version, on 8 January. After the release, the network has its full ability to work on its peak potential to handle the traffic with more efficiency.

The developer team also tweeted that it is the first time in the Cardano-based development update, where the team worked on enhancing the network capability and potential of the network. 

On future development works on the Cardano Blockchain network, IOHK wrote that in the upcoming months they will do better work like eUTXO. And also with all these things, FUDs will come. 

The development work on the concept of eUTXO for the Cardano network will surely be a game-changer move because it will eliminate all those features, which are not necessary for the Defi projects but users are paying fees for the same. That means the Cardano ecosystem will provide a better ecosystem for the Defi Platforms. 

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