Cardano network load hits highest after November 2021

Cardano is handling high load traffic on its network. And this surge in the load is very high since November 2021. 

Cardano is the 6th ranked crypto project in the crypto Industry. No doubt the critics against the Cardano are many in this crypto industry, especially on Twitter but besides all these things, the developer team behind the Cardano project is doing at its best to bring high-level development works in the blockchain network, so that they can bring a better competition against all the flagship crypto blockchain network like Ethereum. 

If we look at the average blockchain load graph in the Cardano Blockchain network, then we will find that after November 2021, it is at 69%. This 69% is an all-time high in between this one-month interval. 

Cardano network load hits highest after November 2021 1
Cardano average blockchain load.

If the metric will show 100%, then it means Cardano blockchain uses its full 100% capacity to facilitate the transactions. And if it will be 0%, then it will indicate that the Cardano network has zero loads, which means no transactions going on. 

Now, it is worth noting that the Cardano network is using around more than 70% of its network capacity to handle blockchain transactions. This is going to be a tension for the Cardano developer team because users on the Cardano Blockchain are surging rapidly and these may end up into a load, where Cardano will act like an Ethereum-like blockchain network. 

However, in advance, the Developer team IOHK is working to increase the block size by 12.5%, so that they can create an advance room for future traffic in the network. 

Smart Contracts are responsible for a huge load 

The main motive of the Cardano project is only to facilitate high efficient blockchain transactions, but the ongoing competition in the crypto industry forces every crypto project to increase its ecosystem with other use cases, besides payment options. 

In September 2021, the Cardano developer team successfully introduced Alonzo Hardfork to enable the smart Contract feature in the Cardano network. 

After the introduction of smart Contract features, the Cardano network started to grab huge attention in the crypto industry by other Defi crypto projects to get started with Cardano. 

If the adoption of the Cardano Ecosystem will surge continuously, then surely blockchain transactions in the Cardano network will surge more rapidly than what we are seeing. In that situation, 12.5% extra blockchain size will no longer help and developers further will be needed to go through new alternative options to execute more transactions. 

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