Cardano team developing a layer-2 upgrade for Cardano Blockchain

To enhance the scalability factor of the Cardano mainnet blockchain, the IOG team is working on “hydra” upgrade. 

Cardano’s much anticipated Alonzo hard fork that took place on 12 September. And that enabled smart contract features on Cardano blockchain network. But here Input Output Hong Kong global ( IOHK) team don’t want to stop their development work on Cardano blockchain network. They are planning for a new upgrade on Cardano. 

Charles Hoskinson, CEO and founder of Cardano, announced the development of a Hydra upgrade on the Cardano network after Alonzo to enhance scalability and storage potential.

David Orr , developer in the IOHK team, said that they are working to make the Cardano project practical to use. Their current development work will reduce Cardano fees in order to balance user costs, stake pool operator rewards and network security.

The development work on Cardano by the team is termed as “Hydra”. Under Hydra development, the team will introduce a layer 2 scalability solution. And then layer-2 will provide off chain transactions with low cost and secure transactions. 

Hydra maximizes throughput, minimizes latency, incurring low-to-no cost, and greatly reduces storage requirements.”

Orr further said that they will make their blockchain network more inclined towards the developers, so that developers can easily develop their wallets and applications on the Cardano blockchain.

In the IOHK blogs, the team claimed that Hydra will make the Cardano blockchain to confirm the transaction within 1 second. 

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