Charles Hoskinson: Elon Musk’s Tesla Should Accept ADA


Charles Hoskinson, founder of ADA coin, believes that ADA is superior to BTC, and Tesla should accept ADA coin as a payment  primary Cryptocurrency.

Founder of ADA coin, Charles Hoskinson, stated that the native coin of their project Cardano is much better than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Because ADA is eco friendly and one of the greenest digital assets in the Cryptocurrency world.

And also he strongly emphasised the point, if Elon Musk really cares about environmental sustainability then he should adopt the ADA coin as a primary payment option in their company Tesla.

In an interview with Lex Fridman, Charles explained how proof-of-stake consensus in the blockchain programming of Cardano coin is efficient to use in every aspect.

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He pointed out that the POS system is much better in terms of energy consumption compared to its competitors.

He said 

If they truly care about alternative energy, sustainability, carbon reduction, and carbon neutrality, you can’t be in a system where there is no built-in mechanism to constrain the energy consumption.”

He summarised that the Cardano project and its native currency, the ADA coin ( Cardano coin) should be first priority to choose in the payment option by Elon Musk’s giant EV-maker Tesla.

Cardano ( ADA) is better than ETH

Charles Hoskinson talked about Etherium and said that Etherium is not a good coin in comparison with ADA. 

People know very well that Etherium is no longer an option to accept in the payment system.

And also Ethereum 2.0 will kill real Etherium.

Cardano Is Better Than Bitcoin

After Etherium, Mr Charles stated about Bitcoin also. 

BItcoin is the least programable of all the cryptocurrencies and if you want to do interesting, sexy, and unique things there is just no real way to do that.

So according to Charles Hoskinson, Bitcoin was good in early stages but now Bitcoin is not a better option. And also the programming technology in Bitcoin is very old which is uneditable for now. 

So if we want a better option then we should choose another Cryptocurrency with new consensus.

Risk Of New Cryptocurrency 

Charles Hoskinson also stated that the new Cryptocurrencies which are entering in this field of crypto market are not safe. 

People don’t know about the risk and security issues.

Most of the Cryptocurrencies concepts are just experiments.

And we can’t believe on the new Cryptocurrencies blindly.

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