Charles Hoskinson says he never worked for Ripple (XRP)


The Cardano founder responds to rumors & confirmed that he never worked under the roof of San Francisco’s headquartered fintech firm Ripple (XRP).

Charles Hoskinson is a co-founder of Ethereum & founder of Cardano. He is currently CEO of the Cardano engineering team Input Output Hong Kong Global (IOG). In 2014, Hoskinson left Ethereum because of a dispute with Ethereum core co-founder Vitalik Buterin over the future of the Ethereum blockchain network.

Recently few Crypto Twitter discussions surfaced, which claim that Cardano founder worked as an intern at Ripple. 

Also, people discovered an old tweet from Vitalik Buterin, where he said that he tried to work as an intern under Ripple but due to Visa restrictions, he failed to reach there.

Charles Hoskinson says he never worked for Ripple (XRP) 1
attached tweeted deleted by Vitalik long time back

Ripple’s former official Matt Hamilton said that Ripple was in existence several years before Ethereum and also Vitalik was looking to work for Ripple. 

Charles Hoskinson responded on the whole matter & confirmed that he was also never any intern under Ripple and also people are taking the information wrongly, as he is not only the person in the world with the name “Charles Hoskinson”.

Cardano adoption in America

In recent months, a US SEC agency initiated a lawsuit against the crypto companies. In the last two suits, the SEC agency named several crypto assets as security tokens, in which Cardano (ADA) coin was also a victim.

Recent reports noted that despite such regulatory unclarity over the nature of ADA coin, US-based crypto Investors are not lagging behind ADA investment. At the present time, nearly 7% of Americans are holding Ada coins. 

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