China shut down social media platform China Blockchain Application Center

China’s authorities are putting huge pressure to eliminate all possible links of crypto related services from China. A recent action taken by the Chinese authority on social media accounts of Blockchain Application Center.

After the announcement of ban of all kinds of crypto related websites in China, they further announced to close the crypto related social media or news websites also to comply with the rules of China’s government. 

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The Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Cyberspace Administration of China and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology took action against the social media platforms related to all the accounts of China Blockchain Application Center and shutted down. 

This was not a surprising moment for the organisation because already Chinese authorities are taking action against such kinds of platforms. As last month the Chinese authorities stated that 

“disrupted the management order of social organizations.”

The China Blockchain Application Center has been in existence since November 2015. Later within 2-3 years it got huge attention by the crypto Community of china. And then they further opened their branch in 10 parts internationally including Hong Kong, China & NewYork.

Here one thing one remained about crypto, that is, ownership of crypto assets holding. But it seems that soon they will also declare ban on it.

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