China’s Digital Yuan Testing Start in 4 Cities

Screenshots of a purported pilot version of a wallet app for China’s forthcoming digital yuan are distributed on social media.

April 14, Ling Zhang, executive director of M&A, Global Fiat at cryptocurrency exchange Binance shared the images of the testing app. Later CEO and Changpeng Zhao retweeted it.

China's Digital Yuan Testing Start in 4 Cities 1

As stated as Ling Zhang, four cities can access the application and they are Shenzhen, Chengdu, Suzhou, and Xiongan. Xiongan is being highlighted and inclusion. Beijing is nominated for a “Smart city brain project ” as the new metropolis is located here. 

Xiongan represented as a New Area will strengthen for creative infrastructure that extends satellite information services, sensor recognition, a 5G network supercomputing, and big data facilities. The city has fascinated the countries tech giant Tencent, Alibaba,, and Baidu, with president Xi jumping who attended more than one occasion

“Execution speed” commented on screenshots. That was rolling out its prosecution for central bank digital currency.

Forwards of the game

China seemed to have been stimulated the development of digital yuan, notwithstanding the COVID 19 disaster, as reported recently 

Bank of China declared to complete the develop the currency for basic functions and to move on to drafting laws for its enactment on March 24.

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