CME Group Reports Highest Trading Volume on Bitcoin Futures

Bitcoin reports highest trading futures volume on April 4 as per the CME Group. The CME Group announced that in an official tweet.

One of the leading and derivative Market CME group makes a claim that their Bitcoin (BTC) futures contracts have recorded the highest trading volume as on April 4.

As per the information the volume of this Bitcoin future as gained an all-time high of over 22,500 contracts which is equal to about 112,700 BTC.

cme future market volume

This achievement has overcome the previous record of 18,300 contracts which is about 64,300 BTC.

Looking at the gains of the Currency of about 27% from Tuesday to Wednesday Thomas Lee the co-founder of Fundstrat Global said that after all, it has broken it’s over 200 days of this above-mentioned average growth and claims that BTC is in the “ Bull Market

After this, new similar news came into notice from the United Kingdom-based Crypto exchange Kraken that claims that there futures provider has seen a trading volume growth by over 500%.

The U.S is actively working on multiple Crypto related application under the Commodity Future Trading and the application includes for Bitcoin Futures from institutional trading platform Bakkt.

Bitcoinik reported that the Bitcoin market has broken the all-time high volume and touched a magnificent figure of $89 Billion daily trading volume. After this breakout Bitcoin crossed $5,000 mark first time in 2019. The technical analysis has turned bullish and may the bulls return soon.

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