Coinbase exec predicted 10 major changes, in crypto 2022

The chief product officer at Coinbase exchange shared a total of 10 types of new things that will change in the crypto industry from one phase to another phase. 

The year 2021 was much better for the crypto industry to achieve growth, however, there were some big dumps because of the China Ban on crypto but in the end, we found that the crypto market locked huge amounts of money and also the majority of the crypto assets surged rapidly. Besides all these things, new concepts also brought many non-crypto sectors into Crypto.

On Thursday, The Chief Product Officer at Coinbase, Surojit Chatterjee, shared his predictions that may happen more probably in 2022. 

Through the blog post, Surojit mainly pointed out 10 major changes. The first thing that he predicted was the increase in Layer1 blockchain networks to get better attention in the crypto industry. In particular, Ethereum will get major attention. 

With the surge in the popularity of Layer1 blockchain networks, Layer-1 and Layer-2 scaling solutions will get better improvement. And in these initiatives, Zero-knowledge proof of technology will get better traction in the industry over others. 

On the Defi sector, Surojit noted that Defi will go through the regulation system and also will involve on-chain KYC verification system. 

Financial institutions will play a very major role in the Defi industry with the inclusion of the Defi insurance systems. 

On one side, Web2 based Social networks will face competition because of NFTs concept, and on the other hand majority of the web project inclined companies will move toward the web3 based next-level technology. 

The majority of the companies will also go with the Metaverse-based initiatives and also NFTs based initiatives because both of these two things are connected. 

And the trend of DAO is now ready to change into DAO2.0. 

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