Coinbase focuses to enhance security of its wallet & push institutional Crypto adoption


Nasdaq listed Crypto exchange Coinbase revealed three main areas in which it will focus on in the incoming months. 

Coinbase is a popular Crypto exchange. In terms of 24 hours global crypto trade volume on its platform, the exchange is standing at second rank. The exchange is listed on Nasdaq & known to provide services under a high compliance environment. 

In the latest blog post, Coinbase stated that it will focus on increasing the security of the Coinbase wallet users, Crypto adoption via NFTs, and Web3 adoption. 

First of all, the Coinbase team noted that many bad actors usually send airdrop coins to Coinbase wallet users, which push the wallet users to a scam/phishing website. The exchange noted that the team already did work on this thing and launched DApp blocklist and spam token management tools for Coinbase Wallet, which allows Coinbase Wallet users to report scam tokens. 

Further, Coinbase stated that it will enhance the potential & ability of the tools available in its NFTs ecosystem so that NFTs creators can do NFTs-focused work more perfectly to build a big community.

“Our strategy at Coinbase is to take care of all the Web3 tooling, so creators can focus on what they do best: building community… You can also access every major NFT marketplace in the in-app browser,” Coinbase stated.

Coinbase also stated that its team is working to increase the use of its cloud services for the Web3 devs, so that they can develop more secured Web3 infrastructure & further crypto industry will have Web3-based social media & game-like internet projects. 

In the last, Coinbase talked about the increasing interest of the institutions in the Crypto sector. The exchange noted that blue-chip investors are showing interest significantly in Web3 and DeFi. The talented team of Coinbase, will work to fulfil the demand of these institutions. 

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