Coinbase launches its beta version of NFTs platform 


Coinbase Exchange finally launched its NFTs platform with a unique strategy to collect huge users on its platform against all the existing competition.

Coinbase is a US-based Nasdaq-listed crypto exchange. Exchange is known to provide highly compliance-based services in the crypto industry. Exchange have network in almost every country. Due to better services, Exchange is standing at 2 rank by 24 hours global trade volume in this crypto Industry.

On 20 April, Collin Wu, a Chinese crypto blogger, notified his followers on Twitter that the Coinbase exchange successfully launched its “Coinbase NFTs” platform and this is available to use in the beta phase.

The platform will support Ethereum network-based NFTs only for now and also it will be free to trade, so basically, every early access user will be able to try the newly launched platform without any hesitation of the fees system.

This beta version of the NFTs platform will be allowed to use for limited users. It will be accessible to a group of limited number of people, which will require an invitation code system. 

Coinbase going unique with the NFTs Platform 

In October 2021, Coinbase exchange initially announced its plan of NFTs platform, and now in the beta phase launch is showing that Coinbase exchange is taking steps precisely to move forward without any issue. 

Earlier this exchange announced that the Coinbase NFTs platform will allow people to buy, and sell NFTs artworks with direct Card purchase, where crypto will not be a mandatory reason to go with NFTs trade. 

Now with the zero trade fees system, Coinbase NFTs Platform sounds much more confident with its plan of NFTs services.

Here we should not forget that OpenSea is the biggest NFTs trade platform and recently it also introduced Credit card NFTs buy support, so it will be a very tough job for Coinbase to beat big players in this race.

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