Coinbase layer 2 blockchain saw an inflow of Meme tokens 


Ethereum Layer-2 scaling network Base saw an inflow of huge numbers of meme tokens and also people are showing interest in these meme crypto tokens.

The Base is a newly launched layer-2 scaling network by the Coinbase crypto exchange, managed by an independent team. On 13 July 2023, opened the Base blockchain ecosystem for the developers to show their talent. Developers also showed significant Inclination toward this blockchain network.

In the present time BALD, COIN, and BASED are running as a meme crypto token on the Base network. COIN & BASE token is probably representing the Coinbase exchange independently, while the BALD token is representing Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, who likes to remain always bald. 

Crypto traders are trading these three mentioned tokens via the decentralised exchange LeetSwap. Last day, this Defi exchange processed nearly 377,000 transactions ( nearly $200 million of trade volume).

If we look at the past few days’ trade volume record, then we will find that 50%+ crypto trade volume via Leetswap were only in BALD token.

The BALD token surged by 3,100%. Today the current trade price of this token is $0.053 & this trade price is 3.4% high over the last 24 hours’ trade price.

In the same period, the Based token trade price surged by nearly 1,000,000%. The current trade price of the Based token is nearly $0.02916. 

COIN token is trading nearly at a trade price of $0.16. This token surged by 15,400% in the same period. 

Note: here Coin token is Normally a meme token and this is not a Coinbase shares token (COIN). COIN token trading on the Nasdaq exchange, not on the crypto exchanges

On 30 July 2023, Base grabbed $54 million worth of Ethereum. At the present, $650,000 worth of Ethereum is available in the Base bridge.

Coinbase layer 2 blockchain saw an inflow of Meme tokens  1

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