Coinbase official points out another link between Shib founder & Alameda


Conor Grogan’s investigation revealed that Shiba inu token creditor was deeply linked with bankrupt crypto hedge fund manager Alameda Research.

Alameda Research is one of the sister companies of the FTX crypto exchange. Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) is the co-founder of FTX & also Alameda Research. SBF was 95% owner in Alameda Research. Allegedly FTX exchange transferred huge amounts of customers’ funds to Alameda Research. In early Nov 2022, the FTX exchange collapsed badly & further filed for bankruptcy under the chapter 11 code, along with 100s of its affiliated companies.

On 7 March 2023, Coinbase exchange director Conor Grogan shared a wallet address linked with Shiba inu token founder Ryoshi, Alameda Research, & FTX exchange.

Coinbase director noted that Ryoshi used the mentioned crypto address two times in 2020 & 2021 to deposit funds and that wallet was used on the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea called “ALAMEDA”. 

His investigation also found that the mentioned wallet address was used to mint two NFTs called “SBF Legendary”. According to Coinbase director, Shiba inu token Creator was managing Alameda’s OpenSea account.

Earlier this, on 9 Feb, Coinbase director uncovered a close relationship between Ryoshi & FTX exchange, on behalf of $107 million worth of SHIB which was unstacked & further transferred to Huobi & FTX exchange. 

At present, SBF is living with his parents on behalf of a $250 bond bail. He is facing huge legal hurdles because of one dozen fraud charges. So far no fraud charge has been proved against him. 

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