Coinbase rival Robinhood plans crypto services launch in UK & EU 


Robinhood seems getting huge profits in the crypto business over the traditional stock trading business and that why company is ready to give a big push to company’s crypto empire.

Robinhood is a popular crypto & stock trading platform. Just a few years ago, Robinhood jumped into the crypto business and grabbed profit because of Dogecoin (Doge) high volume trading in 2021. In the last couple of years, this company injected huge investment in crypto-focused services to enhance crypto customer service.

In the latest Q3 filing, Robinhood confirmed that the company planned to expand its crypto services to the United Kingdom (UK) & European Union (EU). 

Following this report, the trade price of Robinhood stock (HOOD) crashed 10%. The current trade price of Hood stock is 12.8% down over the last 5 days of trade price.

Coinbase rival Robinhood plans crypto services launch in UK & EU  1

However, the UK is a very big region for the crypto sector but laws are very strict for the crypto companies and it remains usually a very tough job for the companies to secure regulatory approval from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 

On the other hand, currently, all the crypto companies are providing crypto services on behalf of traditional financial rules & laws across the EU member countries. 

This year, the EU parliament passed the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) to regulate the whole crypto sector under a single framework.

In the present time, huge numbers of fund manager companies are trying to launch their Bitcoin spot ETF product in the US. Nearly 12 fund managers are currently in the queue to get regulatory approval from the American regulator SEC body. 

Traditional financial giant players are now aware enough of the potential of this innovative sector and they are exploring all the possible ways to establish a perfect business model to enjoy the first mover advantage.

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