Coinbase will eliminate hackers risk through phone call support

The leading crypto exchange of the U.S is ready to fight with more security against the hackers with phone line support.

Coinbase is the biggest crypto exchange of the U.S and also they are targeting the users from the global crypto market under a full legal framework. But with the expansion of their crypto services in different countries, they are also aware of enhancing the security of their platform.

In a published blog on 19 August, Coinbase claimed that they are following their commitments to give better service for their users and now users will be able to use the live phone call support to the Coinbase support agents.

“If you believe you’re a victim of an ATO, please call +1 888 908–7930 or visit our support page to protect your account and get help”

In the blog post, Coinbase said that this feature will help their users to fight easily against any kind of suspicious activity. Usually in such cases where users feel some kind of suspicious activity then in that situation users don’t have much time. So through this facility, users can tell the agents directly so that Coinbase can stop any kind of illegal/criminal activity in the account & can further investigate.

At the end of the blog, Coinbase suggests to all the users that they should also remain aware about the safety and security of their accounts and they should use the facilities which they provide to enhance the Securities of the accounts. They suggested to use Yubikeys, two factor authentication services.

“We encourage customers to use the most advanced hardware security keys available, such as Yubikeys. Yubikeys provide the most powerful two-factor authentication available on the market today”

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