Colombian President says Bitcoin Is ‘Most Brilliant Piece of Software Ever’

An advisor to the President of Colombia praised the open source technology of Bitcoin and said that Bitcoin is the most brilliant piece of software ever.

Jehudi Castro Sierra, An advisor to the President of Colombia, talked about Bitcoin in an interview on cryptopotato. 

Jehudi Castro Sierra has the duty to do research & analysis to guide the country’s leader on matters related to technology and digital transformation. So Jehudi did a full analysis on Bitcoin.

Castro Sierra emphasized on the features of Bitcoin. And said that Bitcoin is a great open-source project. And also it is a type of Monetary innovation. He tried to say Indirectly that how decentralized payments networks in the internet world is running with Bitcoin.

“I also got interested in the monetary innovation that it represents, and I am still discovering amazing new things every day”

And also Castro Sierra said that the government of Colombia is working on a friendly regulation framework to bring about the crypto market so that they can incentivize innovation and Investment.

Mr. Castro also talked about El Salvador’s decision to adopt Bitcoin as a legal currency alongside the US dollar. He said that It was a bold move of president Nayib Bukele. 

But didn’t talk about the matter whether the Colombian government will bring laws like El Salvador or not. 

Overall at the end Castro didn’t talk about the risk involved with the crypto Investment but said that industry will bring an ecosystem that will remain friendly for the Investment in assets. 

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