Compound dropped $90M into users’ hands accidentally because of bug


During the upgrade in the smart contract code of Comp token, Compound mistakenly allowed the users to claim $90 million worth of Comp token.

Recently, the team found a bug in the Cop smart contract and after that the team confirmed that they will upgrade this bug in the next within 7 days but in that time interval people will not be able to claim Comp token because of the proposal 063 proposed by the community. 

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But as the team upgraded the code to fix the bug, they allowed their users to claim $90 million worth of Comp token automatically again and many users grabbed this amount of Comp token. 

Here it is not clear whether the users got Comp token automatically or just what they claimed after the upgrade.

After this incident, Compound finance requested all the users to return the funds to the team back and also claimed that if someone will not return then they will file a case against that user with the IRS. 

Team also said that users can take 10% of the received comp token as a white hat Hacker reward.

Now, we can see through the tweets that the team received rewards in huge amounts from their users back, but how much they recieved and how much remaining, is still not confirmed by the team officially. 

Price of the Comp Token crashed by 13% after the news of a bug found in the token. Probably it is going to be an opportunity for their customers to make a better amount of income without doing trade. Many people criticized the compound team for such big mistakes.

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