Core Dogecoin Creator Billy Markus against Apecoin


Billy Markus shared his stance on Ape Coin, which was just launched on 17 March of this year, and warned the community about its risk.  

Apecoin (APE) is a coin, which was launched on 17 March 2022. This token is based on the ERC-20 governance and utility concept. Decentralized organization ApeCoinDAO is currently operating this coin, where every token holder has the ownership to decide the utility of this coin. 

According to the data available at Coinmarketcap,  the price of APE touched highest $39.38, while hitted bottom at $0.99 as the lowest price. The current price of this token is $15.93 and this price is 23.36% down over the last 24 hours. 

Core Dogecoin Creator Billy Markus against Apecoin 1

On 18 March, Billy Markus, Dogecoin project core developer who is no longer in the Dogecoin project but remains engaged in the crypto community to promote crypto & Dogecoin adoption, shared his stance on Apecoin. 

He wrote on Twitter that he is not fan of such coins, which are dedicated to the NFTs culture. Indirectly Billy tried to hint that such types of coin launching through the NFTs based culture may ruin the concept of NFTs trend. 

“Sorry, I am not a fan of tape coin, mostly because I think it hurts the NFT space to bring in tokens, as token communities are generally hyper toxic and desperate.”

According to Billy, all the coins’ projects needed to spread over hype and over introduction on their activities to push the adoption of the coin. So in this way, NFTs culture may face some significant negative impact. 

Further, through another tweet, he wrote that he doesn’t have any issue if any person does not agree with his statement and also tried to suggest don’t attack on him or on the Dogecoin project because of his personal opinion on  Apecoin. 

Interestingly the majority of the people supported Billy on his point of view on Apecoin. 

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