corporate treasury expert says sanctions on Russia could push more crypto adoption


An expert shared his stance on the current geopolitical situation among Russia vs Ukraine and noted that such things may lead to the adoption of crypto among corporations. 

The Russia vs Ukraine war resulted in many impacts for the majority of the Currencies and also for every money market. In all these things, the Crypto industry grabbed huge traction because of its use case from Ukraine under such critical situations. In favor of Ukraine, many countries imposed financial Sanctions on Russia. Under such restricted situations, people are claiming that Russia may easily bypass such sanctions with the use of cryptocurrencies.

The last weak crypto news platform Coindesk published a report on behalf of the expert’ explanations to this situation of Russia vs Ukraine and explained how this situation could push the adoption of cryptocurrencies among the corporates. 

Mitch Thomas, the North American head of solutions engineering for corporate treasury services firm FinLync, commented on this situation and said: 

“Going forward, you will see more (corporate) adoption. You will see more conversations among corporate finance and treasury officials.”

Mitch said that restrictions on the west to access the US dollar based economy and risk for small fiat currencies to collapse will force people to go with the Cryptocurrencies based system because cryptocurrencies are free from the borders of countries and also accessible everywhere in the world. 

At present, FinLync provides non-SWIFT method-based payment system-based networks among the corporation and banks and also services of treasury management. 

However, Mitch didn’t claim that they are focusing on crypto fully but still hinted that they are considering finding a path under possibilities. 

“There aren’t enough companies that have fully thought through the ability to settle and trust company invoices with cryptocurrency … So I don’t see it being used broadly from a corporate perspective.”

Through this statement, Mitch hinted that future crypto adoption will result in huge opportunities to use such crypto-based network payment systems. 

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