Covalent head and others criticized Ethereum co-founder: Cross-chain bridge

The chief technical officer of the Komodo shared his stance on the recent statements of Vitalik Buterin and claimed that he is wrong. 

Around a week ago, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Butterin shared his point of view on the future incoming trend of the crypto industry. Vitalik said that the crypto industry will see multiple chain networks but interoperability & bridge between multiple networks may not be a good one because of vulnerability issues of bridging channels. 

Now, the people who are working on the cross Chain network bridging are raising their voice against Ethereum co-founder. 

Kadan Stadelmann, CTO at atomic swap blockchain Komodo, said that the crypto industry needed a truly decentralized network and we can’t rely on particular numbers of blockchain networks. 

Further, he continues: 

“… two trusted bridges that have a single point of failure, it would be better to work towards a future where we have numerous bridges that are secure, trustless and censorship-resistant.”

Kadan also claimed that the Ethereum co-founder thinks that it will take the share of the Ethereum blockchain network, in terms of dominance.

Erik Ashdown, head of covalent, also shared his point of view on the statement of Ethereum co-founder and said that the statement of Vitalik is equally wrong just like the statement of 2015 Bitcoin community’ statement, where community said that smart contract feature and Ethereum was a bad idea. 

“Vitalik is a smart cookie who’s done his thinking about the state of bridges. However, his saying that bridges are a bad idea and won’t work is the equivalent of the Bitcoin community in 2015 saying Ethereum and smart contracts were a bad idea.”

These statements of cross-chain protocol development proponents of this crypto industry showed that they are feeling a type of panic to not get support from the community because of the negative stance of Ethereum co-founder. 

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