Cronos (CRO) getting significant inflow of users, as expanding its footprint globally: Report


The Cronos blockchain is getting significant attraction among crypto Investors, as the exchange is getting regulatory approval in different countries. is a popular crypto exchange, known for its secured crypto wallet & trade platform. The team behind also remains always at the top in the crypto sector to promote the services of this exchange. Over the last few years, showed promotional appearances at multiple sports games. On 22 March 2023, the exchange received a preparatory licence in Dubai.

Cronos is a blockchain network and CRO is a native coin on the Cronos blockchain network. This Blockchain network was launched in Nov 2021 by a dedicated team under the umbrella.

The current trade price of the CRO coin is $0.068 & this trade price is 15% high over the last 90 days of trade price. 

Cronos (CRO) getting significant inflow of users, as expanding its footprint globally: Report 1

Crypto analytic platform IntoTheBlock noted that user inflow in the Cronos blockchain ecosystem is increasing rapidly. In between Feb 10 and March 24, the wallet addresses holding CRO increased by more than 20,000. 

Experts noted that if users’ inflow in the Cronos blockchain will increase continuously then surely huge investments will enter the CRO coin market and further it will give a better pump in the trade price of this coin. Layoffs

Perhaps’s Cronos blockchain is bullish by some metrics but seems not bullish in terms of its financial position.

Since Q3 2022, many top companies in the world, including crypto companies, have reduced their workforce. also reduced its workforce by 20% in Jan 2023, to survive perfectly during the crypto winter season. 

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