Crypterium offers you the best crypto debit card

Capable of making cross-border payments online and offline in more than 42 million retail stores, uniting more than 200 countries in an ecosystem that offers diverse digital solutions to bridge the gap between digital and traditional economies. We are talking about Crypterium and today we show you Visa Crypterium with which you can recharge your account with digital assets and thus make instant payments at any time.

What is Crypterium?

It was born with the aim of being a versatile platform capable of offering a large number of services and tools for different needs such as buying, storing, exchanging and selling cryptocurrencies in one place, apart from allowing people all over the world to access credit lines without a history credit or financial guarantee and bring the universe of online payments closer to everyone by the hand of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as an effective method for global online monetization.

What’s so special about Visa Crypterium?

Having the possibility of getting a debit card in just a few minutes is something that very few platforms can offer and it is a powerful tool that Crypterium has managed to develop to present the fastest debit card issuance in history since with only recharge your Visa Crypterium debit card and you can pay anywhere and anytime in more than 200 countries and a large number of websites and physical stores.

When it comes to efficiency, there is no doubt that Crypterium was able to carry it out by saving time and money in simplifying processes, allowing all its users to obtain a virtual card in just 20 minutes after applying, and then they can opt for the acquisition of a physical card which is totally free and only requires a maintenance fee of 2.99 euros per month.

Crypterium offers you the best crypto debit card 1

The safest!

It uses a 3D Secure layer that manages to provide a higher level of solidity to the transactions made in the payment platform with which you can be sure of having what is necessary for your account to function in optimal conditions at all times without worrying about alterations in your funds, also has verification via SMS and verification of secret phrase

Options available for Visa Crypterium

Crypterium offers you the best crypto debit card 2

Some benefits of using Visa Crypterium

  1. Pay instantly in a large number of websites and traditional stores with a limit of up to 10,000 euros per month.
  2. Convert your digital assets into fiat money quickly with withdrawals of up to 2,500 euros per month at compatible bitcoin ATMs.
  3. With only a maintenance cost of 2.99 euros per month Visa Crypterium offers you the possibility of having an active debit card at all times.

“Get a card in just a few minutes? Yes! Apply for a virtual Crypterium Visa card and experience the fastest card issuance ever ”

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