Cryption Network Aims to Increase Crypto Adoption in the Industry

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is currently the most active sector in the blockchain space, offering a wide range of use cases for individuals, developers, and institutions. DeFi refers to peer-to-peer systems that are unstoppable and highly secure. These systems use smart contracts running on blockchains, mostly on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Although DeFi is gaining a lot of traction these days, there are a few challenges that are avoiding mass adoption of the system. There are three challenges with respect to the user interface, complexity, and high gas fees. To overcome all these challenges, Crypto Network is introduced as a solution. 

Cryption Network is introduced with the aim to increase crypto adoption to help the retail investor reap the benefits of this space. One of the biggest USPs of Cryption Network is their negligible gas fees. The network runs on the Polygon (Matic Network) which helps in keeping the costs lower. 

There are other platforms that exhibit similar functionalities, but Cryption Network is still unique from all of them. Let’s see how:

Why Cryption Network? 

Cryption Network has unconventional features like superior UI and UX along with better tokenomics, which makes it stand out of the box. The platform also claims to build sound tokenomics principles for the sustainable growth of its products. 

Cryption Network has been formulating products for two years and has scheduled a presale by the end of this month. The exact dates of the presale will be announced very soon. The platform was built about 3 years from now and has nearly 20 products for all its clients around the world.

Reasons to use Cryption Network

  • Fully Gasless
  • Built on L2. High throughput / High security
  • Staking, IFO’s and Elastic Farming
  • NFTs as membership tokens
  • Android and Ios Apps for better usability

Cryption Network Products

Now, let’s look at the Cryption Network products:

  • Swap Cafe

SwapCafe is an automated market maker DeFi exchange that incorporates elastic yield farming. Elastic farming is explained below. SwapCafe is a feeless exchange that is faster as it takes a 2-second block time. This exchange is the central contract where all other Cryption network products will be integrated.

  • Elastic Farming
Cryption Network Aims to Increase Crypto Adoption in the Industry 1

Source: Cryption Network Lite paper

Elastic Farming is the process of altering the farm token as per a given formula. Usually, there will be an increase or a decrease in the farm token distribution based on the token price. The token value is decreased to incentivize LPs to provide liquidity. In such a case the amount of farm token will increase. 

This among will be floor at a particular number so that a negative feedback loop is not created. If the token value increases the among of tokens will decrease in such a way that the value of distributed tokens will also increase. A positive feedback loop will be generated as there is less inflation if the value of CNT tokens is under x and will provide a number of tokens a day in farms. 

Leverage Farming

Leveraged Yield Farming will be launched on the Matic Mainnet. Matic/USDC lenders can earn high interest on their assets. The lending interest rate is generated from leveraged yield farmers/liquidity providers borrowing these cryptos to yield farm/provide liquidity through various strategies. 

Yield farmers can even earn higher farming APY and trading fees APY by acquiring the leveraged yield farming positions. This product aims to increase the total locked liquidity on SwapCafe increasing the total locked value.


DeFiStack offers the Initial Vested Coin Offering which is a unique ICO that prevents dumps on the DEXs like Uniswap. When the IVCO ends the tokens will be dripped/vested to the investors in a controlled manner according to the deployer.


The Seer prediction market is a 2 layer solution that allows reading and creating predictions virtually on any topic. The Matic platform helps in enabling high-frequency trades with normal gas fees. Time-based farming will be enabled to incentivize Liquidity providers to keep liquidity even after a point when they feel they are suffering from impermanent loss. 

Crypto Hedge Fund

Cryption Network is constructing a platform for investors to help channel capital towards a range of automated strategies and even fund managers of their choosing. Users will receive tokens for representing their share of capital invested in any strategy or with a fund manager. 

The platform charges 1% of the total AUM as a management fee across all strategies and fund managers. 100% of this fee will be utilized for buying CNT. A percent of this fee will be burned to reduce the circulating supply and the other half will be utilized for staking. Fund managers will have all the liberty to choose their performance fees. 


Non-Fungible Tokens play a prominent role not just in gaming but also in membership tokens as well as DeFi. Cryption Network will create membership tokens that will allow users for Beta Testing, special chat groups, discounts on fees, and income sharing streams. The network will also collaborate with games where NFTs can be used as cards/players/skins. The cryption network products will have deep integration with NFTs and with beautiful artwork. 

Cryption App

Cryption Network will launch the Cryption App that will act as a wallet and a dApp browser for both Ethereum and Matic network. The aim of the application to get non-crypto users into using dApps. To improve user experience and allow users to use blockchain apps seamlessly, Cryption Network will pay the gas fees on the Matic platform. 

Cryption Network Token

Cryption Network has a utility token, CNT, that is built with the primary function of incentivizing people to provide liquidity on the exchange. To enable this functionality, the cryption network introduced yield farming with elastic supply. 

In this system, CNT emissions will increase as the token price decreases and emissions will decrease proportionately as the token price increases. It helps in limiting inflation but ensuring an increase in rewards. 

CNT Token

Name: Cryption Network Token

Symbol: CNT

Decimals: 18

Presale Price: $0.075

IDO Listing Price: $0.1

Discount: 25%

Ticket Size: $5,000 – $25,000

Softcap: $125,000

HardCap: $375,000

Total Tokens: $50 million

Vesting Period: Token will be dripped every block starting from Uniswap listing for the next 6 months. Investors can claim CNT at any time and then stake their CNT to earn additional rewards.

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