Crypto adoption is at tremendous level in Vietnam : Reports

According to reports, Vietnam is at a tremendous level toward crypto adoption. A survey on 42000 people from 27 countries revealed many shocking facts., a financial comparison based website, did a survey on 420,00 people in 27 countries. These 27 countries are of Europe, Asia and the Americas.

According to a survey report, the developing countries like Vietnam, India and Indonesia are top leaders in adopting digital assets Investment. It is worth to note, India like countries where crypto is still under regulation procedure & governments are not clear with their decision to adopt or not, are showing their eager inclination toward crypto.

Report also claims that 20% of the people from Vietnam have their Investment in Bitcoin. And it is the highest among 27 countries. 

Such crazy adoption of Vietnamese toward crypto purchase, stated that 

“Remittance payment may have played a significant role in these numbers, with cryptocurrency an option for migrants who want to send money home and avoid exchange fees.”

It should be noticed, crypto adoption is also high in the Asian countries like India, Malaysia & Indonesia. 20% of people Invested in crypto from Indonesia & India, while this figure is 29% in Malaysia & 28% in Philippines.

And the low rate adoption of crypto assets can be seen from the United kingdom. Only 8% and 9% of the people from the United Kingdom and the United States respectively have Invested in crypto.

This full report shows that developing countries’ citizens are showing huge inclination towards Cryptocurrency because of their developing & economical situation. While developed countries people are not showing huge interest toward crypto because they don’t want to take risks.

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