Crypto becoming safer heaven amid Ukraine crisis: Robert Kiyosaki


The author of the popular book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” shared his stance on the current geopolitical situation and crypto relationship status. 

Robert Kiyosaki is a popular author, who is popularly known for his unique recreation of the Book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. He remains always active toward the global financial economy’s ups and downs to fight against the economic critical situation. Since the last few years, Robert has shown better positive stances in favour of the crypto industry. 

On 16 March, Robert tweeted on the current ongoing situation between Russia and Ukraine war. 

On Russia, Robert noted that wise Russians are using bitcoin against the downfall in the value of the Russian sovereign fiat currency Ruble. 

“BITCOIN and WAR.IBDInvestors Business Daily reports many Russians using Bitcoin as a lifeline after Ruble collapsed.”

By considering the report’s data, Robert noted that 13% of citizens of Ukraine are holding and using crypto, while 12% of Russians are holding crypto against this situation. And on Americans, he noted that 8% of Americans are holding crypto, which is a significant surge in this small time frame.

According to Robert, this war situation between Ukraine and Russia is giving a better result for the crypto industry as a safe option against the fiat currencies option. Through his statement, financial expert claimed that centralized government sovereign fiat currencies are fake. 

“Ukraine/Russian War giving rise to crypto as a safer haven than government Fake Fiat money.”

Earlier this, on 8 March, Robert noted that the US government is working step by step to bring huge restrictions on the crypto Industry. In particular, he pointed out the “Executive Order on Cryptocurrencies” 

Last year, Robert claimed that if Bitcoin will get huge success then in that situation governments may try to ban or restrict it. 

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