Crypto Will Have an ‘Extraordinary’ Q4 : Former Goldman Sachs Exec

Former Goldman Sachs executive said that the last month of the market will give huge opportunities and we have to just catch the signs according to the moving landscape of the market. 

Raoul Pal, Former macro hedge fund manager of Glodsachs and CEO of finance and business video channel Real Vision shared his thoughts on the market of crypto and claimed that the fourth quarter of 2021 will be extraordinary for the crypto market. 

In the interview of Real Vision Finance, Pal said that last month the crypto market always remained bullish and now we have to see the shift in the order of the market, so that “Investors can catch the right bus”.

“My bet is that the crypto bus is a rocket ship and not a bus. And this last quarter will be extraordinary”

Pal further explained that the macroeconomic landscape could be a significant reason for a significant push for the digital assets and tech-based stocks. And also added that any kind of downward & upward changes in the macro narrative, will give opportunities. 

“I think it’s in the realm of weaker bond yields, probably weaker markets for a period of time, then more stimulus, and that ignites the growth stocks”

Pal further added that he has belief that the market of crypto will catch a bullish push with the shift in the macro landscape. He emphasized that the entire year is “usually made between September and December.”

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