CryptoCom’ prediction on the crypto industry for 2022

Popular crypto exchange unveiled its prediction for the crypto industry for the next year. 

Crypto com is a popular crypto exchange and this exchange is famous for its better marketing strategy and pushing the crypto-related services among non-crypto people, especially in the sports industry. In the last month, exchange grabbed huge attention in this space because of a surge in the price of its native token CRO by more than 4 fold. 

Recently published its research document on the future of this crypto industry. 

Through the published document, predicted that there will be more than 1 Billion Users by the end of 2022. 

Further added that in that situation crypto will achieve that level where countries may not think to ignore and they will be forced automatically to adopt it in a friendly way. 

“Nations can no longer afford to ignore the growing push toward crypto by the public. We may in many cases expect a friendlier stance towards the crypto industry: believes that all the developed countries will bring better regulation and framework for the crypto industry to legalize and impose tax guidelines perfectly. 

On the adoption of the crypto industry as a legal tender, published document claimed that more countries will follow El Salvador because of inflation. 

CryptoCom' prediction on the crypto industry for 2022 1

And in that situation, crypto-assets became a much better alternative option to invest.

“Crypto will become a fixture in the alternative asset class for investment portfolios. 

On the approval of crypto ETFs, research claimed that the first crypto ETFs of this year overperformed which was not expected. And this will result in more crypto ETFs products in the mainstream financial system. 

Further research noted how the adoption increased because of the adoption of crypto assets by financial services. And they see crypto as a better medium of the payment system. 

“Traditional banks and financial houses like Morgan Stanley, Citi, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, E&Y, Bank of America, and Credit Suisse are seeking partnerships with crypto exchanges to integrate crypto into their main services from payments to transfers and investment.”

According to the research document, the upcoming main adoption factor for crypto will depend on the non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain gaming, and the metaverse trend only. 

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